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What is a survey?

Your purchase of a home or real estate may be the largest single investment of your life. Having the assurances and protection of a Land Survey, by a Licensed Professional, will mean tremendous peace of mind, and can be performed at a fraction of the cost of correcting any mistakes later.

You may believe that a casual inspection of your property will be sufficient to determine it's boundaries and assure that all buildings, fences, wells, garages and other improvements on both your and your neighbor's land are properly located. If you buy or improve property without an accurate and recent Land Survey, you may later discover that your house or addition, or the fence you built is partially located on your neighbor's property. Or you could discover that your driveway crosses someone else's property without a proper easement. These problems can be avoided or discovered by first having a Land Survey performed.

A Land Survey is the measurement, by a Licensed Surveyor, of real property that shows all boundaries and existing features of a tract of land within the guidelines of State Law and Professional Organizations. A Land Survey should show and include a location and description of all property corners and boundaries, all physical improvements, means of access from a public right-of-way, location and description of any fences along or near your boundaries and any other physical and visible matters which could affect your use and enjoyment of your property.

Don't rely in haste on just any drawing someone may have given you as a survey. Some drawings, while looking very professional, lack important information and background work that a proper Land Survey would include. Looks can be deceiving and it is up to you to make sure you have a proper Land Survey.

If you have any questions about your survey as to it's completeness, accuracy, or background, ask your Land Surveyor! He should not mind explaining and answering all of your questions.

A boundary survey locates upon the ground that land which your deed describes. The following are some different types of surveys:

   Boundary Survey: A survey for the express purpose of locating, describing and mapping the exact boundaries and corners of a given parcel of land.

   Mortgage Location Survey: A survey which meets the specific needs for title insurance. The survey plat must show particular information discovered from measurements taken at the site, and not necessarily evidenced by public record.

   Subdivision Survey: A Survey for the division of any lot or tract of land into smaller lots, with monumentation and subdivision plat conforming to the governing ordinances including boundary descriptions for new deeds as required.

   Topographic Survey: A survey locating natural and man-made features such as elevations, contours of land, streams, buildings, fences, etc.

When do you need a survey?

A survey should be performed when any of the following situations arise:

    The title to land is to be transferred and the land is not clearly defined by plan, description, or location on the surface of the earth.

    Land is to be divided by land contract, deed, court order, or desire of the owner.

    Land is to be improved by the construction of buildings, roads, fences, lakes, etc.

    There is a boundary dispute between you and your neighbor or you believe someone is encroaching upon your land.

    There is a reason to believe the description or location of any property line or corner is incorrect.