Our Office Assistant then researches the job extensively. Assessor’s maps, deed information, plans and other pertinent information for the locus property as well as abutters and other property affected are obtained. Kevin reviews the information gathered and sets up the job instructing the field crews. Using a state of the art data collection system, the field crews go out and perform a reconnaissance survey to find the evidence called for in the deeds.

Fieldwork includes clearing lines and setting a control network around the subject property to locate evidence found. The scope of the project is determined by the needs of the owner and the bylaws of the town where the property is located. The drafting is completed by Kevin or our Survey Tech under Kevin’s supervision. At this stage either a finished product is produced or communication with the involved parties will take place to determine the next step.

Jarvis Land Survey, Inc. has been in business since 1996. Prior to opening this company, Kevin worked in the field of Land Surveying for 14 years. Collectively our employees total over 100 years of experience in the field.  Request a Quote today!


Jarvis Land Survey, Inc. is a full service Land Surveying company providing services such as Mortgage Inspection Plans, Property line surveys, Topographic Surveys, Land Court, Condominium Plans, Subdivisions and Construction Layout.

We believe in offering full service to our clients. We have a basic protocol, which is methodical and organized. When we receive an inquiry for a job, Kevin Jarvis, PLS speaks personally to the client whether it is a homeowner, a developer or an engineering firm.

Communication is important to make the process flow smoothly. At the first contact, he is able to determine where the property is and what the needs will be. A proposal is drafted and sent to the customer highlighting the telephone conversation that took place including specific tasks that will be performed and a general time frame, weather permitting. Once the customer signs the proposal, this serves as a contract between parties and the job is scheduled.